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Added the Cursor object to help with pagination within the API.
Please see the pagination tutorial for more details.
This is the recommended way for using the 'page' and 'cursor' parameters.
+ Update OAuth bundled library.
- Logging removed. Having our own mini-logging system just feels like overkill.
Turns out it was not really needed that much. Simply just exposing the last
HTTPResponse object should be good enough for most debugging.
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A Twitter library for Python! Also works with !
OAuth supported.
Up-to-date with twitter api.
Actively under development.
Supports most of the twitter api endpoints.
Python 3 support. (See py3k branch)
Streaming API support.
Cache system (memory, file, memcache client)
+ OAuth support
+ Up-to-date with Twitter API
+ Actively under development
+ Streaming API support
+ Cache system (memory, file, memcache)
+ Python 3 branch
Getting started:
Check out the tutorial folder to get started with Tweepy.
Also feel free to join us on the mailing list or chat root.
Mailing list:
Chat: IRC #tweepy
Web interface:
You may use easy_install to quickly get tweepy installed on your system:
easy_install tweepy (run as root)
You may also clone/download the source code and then execute:
python install (run as root)
If you wish you may also bundle the tweepy package with your application.
Using easy_install:
easy_install tweepy
You may also install from the repository:
git clone git://
cd tweepy
python install
Souce code:
Bug tracker:
Mailing list:
Chat: IRC #tweepy
Author: Joshua Roesslein
License: MIT
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